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I have registered but my profile does not work?
You have to verify your email and phone number first
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How can I verify my phone number in my Selectina account?
To verify your phone number first sign into your Selectina account. In your Dashboard tab look for Phone Number Verification. Click the To Veri
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How can I buy credit to purchase leads?
Log into your Selectina account and click on ‘buy credit’ in your dashboard. Pick credit package you desire. Choose your method of
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What is Selectina Invoice Generator?
It’s a free invoice maker that helps you create invoice for you Selectina and Non-Selectina clients. You can also email or download the invoice as a PDF file into your system.
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Where can I download the invoices I have created as a PDF file?
Follow these steps:Login to your Account  → Invoice Generator → click on More → choose Download PDF from the drop down menu.
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How can I stop receiving SMS text from Selectina?
It’s easy! Just replay STOP to the text message you receive and Selectina will automatically discontinue texting you.
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How can I invite my non selectina clients to write a review on my business profile?
Log into your business profile, and then go to My Reviews Tab. Look for Get External Feedback on the navigation bar. From there you can invite your Non-Selectina Client to write a review.
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How can I add a logo to my Business account?
Log Into your Selectina, then click on My Profile tab. You will see your profile and you can click on profile picture and upload your business logo there.
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I get the error message of ‘There is no Package’ when I want to buy credit.
This error message appears when you have entered wrong or non-complete location in your registration process. You can login to your Selectina; go to My Account → Contact Details  &rar...
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