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Now, you can find work and grow your business easily and conveniently. With Selectina, everything is made easy for you! In just less than a minute, you can set up your account and make up your business profile which you can update anytime! Now, you can have a dedicated page for promoting your business, storing customer testimonials and showing off pictures, all for free! This is a service for your convenience. With this, you can have the network and connection you will need to grow your business. See how it all works!
How it Works

The only businesses allowed are registered businesses. To ensure credibility, all business listings are regularly and manually
checked for approval before they can be listed at our website. Once they are verified, the next step will be:



Get Sent Free, Relevant Leads to Your Business


When your business is registered, we’ll send you free leads relevant to your niche. We’ll send these leads to you automatically via either SMS or email! These will then be stored in one location on your account! If you like one of the job leads that we send you, you will need to make payment online so your customer’s contact details will be revealed to you. Once you get the details, you can quote them directly. The cost for job leads is between $2.5 and $20 based on the category and job size and every job is sold to less than 5 businesses.

To maximize our service, it is advisable that you only buy the job leads that you want when you want it so that you can pay as you go!



Contact the Customer to Quote for the Work


Once you pay for the customer’s contact details, you can now quote them directly about the work and get in touch with them directly. Remember that there will be four others that may buy the lead, so you will have to work your magic to get the job! You can win their business with your pricing, quality work and reliable customer service.. With this, you can get rated and loyal customers which are a big help in growing your business!

What you get:

By joining us, you can get a range of benefits. Our service will not require you to have

monthly contracts, commissions or any other fees. With Selectina, you can only get:


✔ More work and more sales for your business with Guaranteed Results*

✔ FREE listing in Selectina Directory

✔ Create Invoice Online for FREE and send to your customer via email or Download PDF

✔ Nationwide customer endorsement of profiles, reviews and ratings

✔ Get feedback about your business or service online *

✔ Much better and most improved search engine (Google, Yahoo and MSN) rankings *

✔ Enhanced business profile page

✔ Direct link to your website



*Guaranteed Results!

We guarantee you the best results in each of our services. Unlike your other traditional advertising choices such as directories and classified ads, Selectina can create results for your business. All our delivered customer referrals are high-quality with the assurance that it is unlike any other service.


*Collect Numerous Reviews and Stand Out

To make the most of our service, we encourage you to give each time your best service to every Selectina customer. Your customer’s feedback will be viewed by future customers each time that you quote. A good review is always the best way for you to stand out from others and get the job.


*Get listed on Selectina and be Found Easily on Search Engines

Our business directory is a comprehensive listing that will enable you to drive more traffic to your business profile as well as company website. All that through our partnerships with the 3 major search engines used worldwide—Google, Yahoo and Bing. With us, you can definitely increase your search engine ranking, get more traffic and generate more sales.