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How to keep up with your weight-loss new year’s resolution!

New Year, New Goals.

It has been said 95% of people do not keep up with their new year’s resolution by January 15. Here are few tips to help you be in the other winner 5% group.

Find a Gym buddy

Having someone to go to the gym with is a great idea. This way if you are feeling lazy, your friend can keep you on track. Also when you made a promise and make plans with someone, it is an obligation and difficult to cancel. Sometimes getting a trainer works like having a gym buddy.

Chart your weight

Weigh yourself every once in a while and keep record in a chart with dates. Having a chart helps you to see the progress. This way you realize if you are getting result from your regimen or you have to make some changes.

Reward yourself

Our body is capable of being conditioned. Set mini goals along the way to achieve the big goal. Every time you achieve a mini goal treat yourself. It is better if you treat yourself with something healthy instead of eating “that burger with fries”. Treat yourself to a Spa session or a beauty salon. Getting a massage or facial can be as good as having a burger with fries.

Inner power

Inner strength and power is not used as much as it should be in our lives. Meditation and focusing on your goals can help you stay in line. Every morning you can set your intention of what you want to achieve that day and what you need to do to stay focused on the goal. Taking Yoga classes are also a great way to meditate and calm your mined down and get in tune with your energy. Yoga sessions are also a great work out and calorie burning techniques.

Shift of mentality

You need to have a shift in the way you think about exercising. Working out and staying healthy is not a chore and is a way of living. Behind every emotion there is a thought. If you create the shift in the way you think, you can create the need of going to the gym in your mind.




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