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What to do when leakage found in the house?

Water leakage is a homeowner’s nightmare and can ruin not just your belongings but also damage the structure of your house. It is important to act quickly when you suspect that there might be leakage in the house. This way, you can save your house from structural damage that can cost you lots of money in repair.


If you have a water leak there are steps you can take to minimize damages. The followings are a few:

  • Shut off your home’s main water supply
  • If the leakage is close to electricity, turn off the electricity from the fuse box and call an electrician
  • If the leakage is from the ceiling, place a bucket underneath so you avoid damaging the floor. Be carful if there is a damp in the ceiling the water has gathered and ceiling might claps
  • Call a plumber, or water removal quickly, there are many available 24/7
  • Put blocks under furniture and raise them
  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to repair the damage
  • If the leakage has been happening for a long time, do not forget to hire a general contractor to check the area for mold






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