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Six Strategies to Double and Triple sales in your business!

Talk To Your Existing Clients:  When you have done a project for a client, don’t stop there! Few weeks later call them up to see if they are happy with the work and if they can write you a testimonial and refer you to others! Here’s a powerful fact to chew on:   Most businesses, when running the numbers on where most of their business comes from, realize 76% of their sales comes from existing, not new customers, be it a recurring sales or referral!   If you know this in advance, wouldn’t you think it be a good idea to spend more time and effort with those you brought on board already?   Ask them about their opinion and if they’d like the service, would they be willing to give you the name of 3 groups they’re associated with that could use your services?


How to triple your sales without bringing on another client: There are two other ways to generate revenue with your existing customers! One, add new products or services to your existing company! Or you could joint venture with other companies and promote their marketing and services to your database and get paid for every conversion to a sale!   Second, create a package which has you creating recurring sales is a great way of planning ahead! For example, if you do carpet cleaning, you can package a semi-annual cleaning with a client when he signs up now for 20% discount! He’s going to need to clean his carpet anyway so why not sign up now for regular cleaning and save on the services! Now you have two sales annually, and possibly more, when they sign up! This is called increasing the frequency in which your client orders! Utilizing these strategies will help you double and triple your sales and all coming from your existing client base! Now that’s called smart marketing!



Use Online Business Services: With more people turning to the internet to purchase both products and services, there are many new sites that are now surfacing to fill in this market gap!   They help provide much needed services for a very minimal amount or for free. One example of such a site is Selectina.com! Selectina is a platform connecting clients who need services with professionals that are targeted to fulfill those services! Serious costumers who are inquiring about a quote for their project can post their project with their specification on Selectina! Interested professionals can get in contact with these customers for a minimal fee! It is a great way to find targeted new clients! Professionals can also use their free directory services which allow them to create a business page and showcase their work!


Social Media: And along with the boom of purchasers, social media has catapulted as the #1 category of use by people when on the internet!   So creating a website for your business and using social media to get the word out about your services and products is no longer a choice, but expected for both exposure and branding of your business. Linking facebook, twitter, and linkedin pages to your site, and vice versa as a tool for driving traffic and getting feedback and comments on your business is a great strategy! Note: Make sure to put your logo and site information on all your social media efforts.


Partnering Up:You can partner up with other businesses. For example if you are real estate agent you can partner up with a real estate attorney and start referring clients to each other. Another effective way is to create a group of local business owners in your area and cross-reference business with them!


Attend Meetings Of Professional Groups: With attending professional meeting groups and chambers of commerce you are introducing your business to active business members! Some people think these are old strategies, but they are still ver effective when it comes to receiving referrals simply because seeing people on regular basis breed familiarity.   And familiarity breeds trust! So Have your business card ready, and always start by asking what they and how you can assist them!  Remember, givers gain when it comes to networking!   And when it comes to promoting your business, have a 30 second elevator pitch that explains who you are, what products you offer, what’s unique about your company, and what are the benefits to the client! Don’t focus on the features, always, and I mean, always focus on the benefits!


We’re happy to share these six powerful strategies with you! If you just follow a few of these gems, you will see your sales jump dramatically and the best part is you’ll save time and money all while enjoying the process of building your business more!   So you’re not overwhelmed with taking the first step, we recommend signing up for selectina.com to get you kick started! And implementing the rest one week/month at a time!   To your success!

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