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Save your garden in summer drought

There are few cities that are going through summer drought. Here are some tips on how to take care of your garden this summer.


Moe the lawn higher, this will help the soil to keep the moisture and it does not grow as quick.  It also promotes a deeper root growth of the lawn.
Water the lawn at night or the hours that are permitted.  Do not introduce new plants for the area since even the native plants have a hard time in drought season.


Remove plants from the crowded parts. Plants are competing over the soil moisture. By removing the extra plants you are allowing the main plants to use the soil moisture.
Using mulch will help the soil to keep the moisture. Cover the soil with 3 to 4 layers of mulch; this will also stop weeds to grow.
Do not over fertilized. Fertilizing will result into growth and that means plants need even more water and moisture.
Grouping same type of plants with same water need in one part together helps you to water them all at the same time.


Watering trees with deep roots once or twice every 2-3 weeks apart is enough. They might lose leaves but will survive with proper care.
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