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How to make money from your renovation?

Right Project

You have to pick a project that will eventually add value to your home, especially if you are thinking of reselling.

Experts say one of the most important parts of the home that people pay attention to is the “kitchen and bath”. If you invest your money in renovating the kitchen or bathrooms you are most likely to add value to your property and have a greater return.

On the other hand investing your time and money in having a pool or an in-home office does not create much return.


Right Style

You might have a specific taste and like a special style. However when picking a style keep in mind that if your style is too specific, it might not help you sell your property or even make it difficult to appeal to the mass crowd.

Picking classic styles that will last long is a smart idea. If you are adding parts to your home try to keep it with the same theme with the house, or a theme that would compliment the style of your property.


Right Spending

Keep some money for when the project goes wrong, or takes longer, and hidden fees that was not calculated in the original budget.

Not all renovations pay off so you have to be smart about your renovations. Make a list of all the areas that you would like to renovate. Determine your budget considering a leeway in your pricing.


Right Timing

Consider the time you are conducting your renovation. Time will dictate style. More and more people are looking for open space living where the walls are knocked down. So consider what style is in in and will likely last for a few years.

Also when you stay in a property for a longer time you recoup the cost and are able to take advantage of the increase of the property prices happening yearly.


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