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Decorating Your Home for the Holidays

5 ways to decorate your home for the holidays on a budget


Ornaments on a Christmas tree are in the forefront of Christmas decoration. Instead of buying all new ornaments you could call your parents and ask for some of the old ornaments they have and you might have memories of. A mix of new and old ornaments is a good way of decoration your Christmas tree, and also can create conversation with your guests.

Twinkling lights are the biggest sign for holidays. You can stuck these up from discount stores and use them in different parts of home where you need light and spark. If you are not handy there are handy man with good price and service on  Selectina.com that can help you hang these Christmas lights.

Wreaths are like billboard sign on your door, telling everyone that you are celebrating. However fresh wreath with design can be pricy. You can buy the fresh wreath and design it yourself, or for even more savings, you can buy the fake wreath and decorate it with old ornaments by yourself.

Nature is the most generous decorator. While walking on the walking and hiking trails and parks in your area, if you look carefully you can find items to use for holiday decoration. Evergreen branches can give a nice smell to your home and be used as part of your centerpiece. If you are a little bit creative there are many ways that you can use a pinecone around your house for holiday decoration. Pintrest is a good source for finding good nature inspired holiday decoration.

Christmas cards: do not forget your Christmas card. Instead of stacking them in one corner, you can hang them from a ribbon all along your chimney, stairs or in front of your window.

Be careful at all time not to leave the Christmas cards, or any item close to lights, as it might heat and cause fire.


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