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Save On Your Wedding!

How To Save On Your Wedding?

Longer Engagement: Having more time can help you get better deals. When you are not in rush then you have enough time for research and can find the right person for the right price. You can also look for or wait for big sale events in different stores like end of season sales or Christmas sales.

Pick the right time: it’s all about picking the right time. Getting married on any other day than Saturday helps you save a lot of money.  Saturdays is a popular day for weddings. Having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday can help you save money. Also you can hold of on your wedding until close to the end of the season. That way you can get better deals. Right before the start of the peak season or just right after, is a smart choice.

Hire a Wedding Planner: Hiring the right wedding planner can save you a lot of money. Wedding planners know wholesalers and they have already established relationship with them and can get wholesale prices. Some of the vendors give special rates to event planners.  They also know who are the good players with the right price in the market. One of the best websites where you can find a wedding planner in your area is at Selectina.com. Just post your project on Selectina and different wedding planners come to you with a price quote.

Used Items: There are some items used in a wedding that can be bought second hand and no one even notices if they were not brand new. For example: My friend paid $120 for a special decorative tray that she used under her wedding cake. She later sold that for $60 to another bride to be, lucky bride saved $70 on that tray. There are lots of good deals online for second hand items, keep an eye out for these.

Every dollar counts:  Try to save on every little amount you can, It will add up! Hitting a sale here and there and saving a few dollars can add up to a noticeable number. Try to negotiate and get small discounts, for example if you can get free delivery, or a venue that does not need lots of decoration.

Accept your friend’s Help: If your friends are offering help accept. Every one wants to be involved in such joyful event. So don’t be a bridezilla and see what they have to offer.  Some of your friends might be talented enough to play at your wedding or DJ, or help you with DIYs.

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