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How to save on your home renovation project

Sweat Equity: If you are not very handy it is OK! There are still parts of the renovation of your home that you can get done. For example you can remove the furniture or the existing cabinets your self. You can also clean up after the job is done. These are parts that you could ask to negotiate with the professional that is going to get the job done.


Use Online Quoting Services: Getting the best quality of work with the best price can be difficult and it can take a lot of work! However there are services that make this process a lot quicker with no headache. Selectona.com allows you to post your project for FREE on their website. The website then sends a notification to the professionals in your area and if they are interested in getting your project done they get back to you with a quote. You can brows the professional’s webpage in Selectina directory and see the comments by other costumers who have had experience of working with a particular professional. great service for FREE!


Save On Material: If you are buying a lot of products try to negotiate the price with the provider. You can also find a product in a department store and then search for it online. Sometime with the cost of shipping it still is cheaper to buy the material online that in a department store. Also a lot of stores price match. You can take advantage of that as well.



Floor Models And Sale: Big department stores have a big sale on their floor models once in a while. You just need to ask different stores about the time of their floor model sales. You can save up big box and still get great quality appliances. Stores need to create more room for their new model items and need to get rid of older models and this is a great opportunity to save.


Buy Second Hand: It is true that someone else’s trash could be your treasure. By buying second hand items and mixing them with new items you can give a new look to your house. Nowadays a lot of renovations and designers go for the vintage look, so do not discount the second hand stores and what you could find there. There are great catches you can find; you just need to be patient.

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