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New ways to promote your legal practice


Nowadays more and more lawyers decide to open up their own practice and become a sole practitioner. There are pros and cons involved with such choice. In one hand you are independent have the freedom you want and can control your hours and your business, On the other hand the unstable work flow and the difficult task of finding clients.


Do not worry thou, there are new cheap ways that a younger lawyer could market herself. If you are looking to enhance your legal practice here are some ways to promote yourself:


Social Media:


Everyone talks about social media and why we NEED to be active on social media but no one ever sys how. Here is how you could take advantage of social media: have a face book page for your practice and post different stories or updates related to your business and different laws on your Facebook page. That way you stay active in your friends and followers news-feed and if they need a lawyer you come to mind first. You can also pay Facebook small amount and advertise your practice on Facebook. Facebook marketing is very effective and you can narrow down your audience by different options provided. It’s a new age and you need to try new ways.


YouTube Channel:


Having a YouTube channel where you can give information on 101 basic legal information is a productive way to get yourself known. You give some value and as a result you are building trust with audience. People search Google and YouTube to find answers for their problem. Sometime they get the answer they want and sometimes they need more information. If they have already got basic information from you, they would be more interested in talking to you and potentially becoming your client. YouTube is another good platform where you can promote yourself.


Free advice:


Be generous with your time. You have the luxury of having more time, so as a result you can offer free consultation and sometime these free consultations will turn into real clients.


Online referral services:


Do not discount the power of Internet. That’s where most people go to get information and find trusted services. There are few websites that allow you to have a business page for FREE! For example Selectina.com is one of these websites where you can promote your self. Selectina allows you to have reviews on your services and your current and past clients can review your services. Selectina also is a lead generation service, so if someone is looking for a lawyer in your area, and if you are registered with Selectina you will be alerted of such need. So take advantage of what the online word has to offer.



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