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About Us


The Internet has made all our lives easier! Internet can be used to get a morer competitive pricing to a service buyer and can also enhance the business and create more leads for a business owner.

This is probably the reason why Selectina is growing every day!

If you are a service provider or a business owner, Selectina is the perfect way to find new assignments and customers without actually having to market yourself to the mass target! You can easily find serious buyers who are looking for professionals just like you now! Here at Selectina, our goal is to deliver unrivalled service to both our member companies and end users.

We will also help a customer get free quotes for the assignment so that you can compare the job estimate from reliable movers, builders, cleaners and many other service companies! All you have to do is to tell us exactly what you need by utilizing our simple yet comprehensive template for an exclusive price quote inquiry!

Selectina has variety of service categories and trades offering up to date and exclusive services all across Canada! We provide reliable and user-friendly web base quoting system. By using our site, we guarantee to save your money and time!

Selectina has an expanding network of professionals in your local area providing you the convenience and flexibility of comparing free quotes from the convenience of your home!
We believe that our five free quotes systems gives transparency for our online customers to determine the deals that are available for them!

We are committed to providing you with exceptional results! We strive to connect you with the most qualified service professionals and trades and to give you a positive experience.

Our Mission

Selectina helps clients accomplish personal projects vital to their lives. Whether you need to learn a new language, paint a home or plan a party, we are the most reliable and dedicated company that can help you hire qualified professionals for your projects!

Here at Selectina, we fully understand how complex it can be to locate the right person to do the job! So, instead of wasting your money and effort searching and researching, let us to the hard part for you!
Just come to us and tell us your needs! We will introduce you to various, available, qualified and interested professionals in less than 24 hours!

How We Work

Thousands of customers are coming to us every day to hire professionals who can assist and help them accomplish their project such as painting homes, teaching kids, organizing weddings, parties and more.
We are truly proud that many of our professional have doubled and even tripled their businesses through our help.

For Customers

We do the hard work exclusively and professionally for you!

We have different service providers signed up with us that can give you a great service with a competitive price!
No more calling for quotes or spending hours researching on the net!
Selectina will allow service providers who are interested in your job to get in touch with you and offer you a free quote!
We get competitive and quick quotes from your local experts and find qualified professionals in your area!

For Businesses

Growing a particular business and maintaining a great customer base can be daunting! From the start, we have been genuinely committed to helping local businesses in Canada meet and find new clients and customers in their respective area!

We notify you in case of a customer request for a service that you can offer and make sure that you will get quality assignments even when on the go!
All you need to do is to sign up for free!
You can just focus on the work when we do the marketing for you!
We promote your business locally and online!
We also attract new clients and directly contact them